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Designer Artist

Fond Créatif
Katia Moogin

Katia Moogin Rivera, graphic designer and artist born in 1992 in the Eastern Pyrenees, France. At the beginning, with a childhood immersed in art by Barcelona culture, it’s an artistic line that takes shape seven hours per day, experimenting and developing the possibilities of plastic expression. It was an interest in the scientific approach and obtaining a literary baccalaureate, specializing in plastic arts, which opened a door to applied arts, with entry to the Mirail University of Toulouse. Trilingual, Catalan-Spanish-French and metis European-Caribbean-Asian origin, i’s above all a journey of life, travels between cultures, languages and countries, artistic circles combined, a sharing and socio-cultural development, which have constantly revisited the central question of these exchanges: communication. Expressing oneself, communicate, sensitize aren’t easy tasks, which deserve to be applied, in order to improve our exchanges. So by inevitable force, its usefulness being daily to me, after deviating to positions in catering and hospitality where I forged myself with know-how in customer service, I took the path of visual communication. With a BTEC Higher National Diploma Graphic Design distance learning course, at lignes-et-formations, I obtained a DNMADE diploma specializing in printed media, which will open other doors to a solutions and multidisciplinary profession as a Designer. Today I am a Freelancer involved in the visual experience for communication services. Designer Artist, I present to you my workshop with online store.

Je trace& j'empreinte



Immersed in art.

Barcelona, 1996

Creations, mixed discovery periods, collage, pastels, charcoal, bindings and making notebooks, geometry, drawing, Indian ink, painting, photomontage, animations, infographics internship.


BAC Plastic Arts.

Perpignan, 2010

First year of Bachelor of Applied Arts at Mirail University, Toulouse


Exhibition at Penny-Lanne.

Perpignan, 2013

Employed in Printing at Bleu Tramontane, routing, enveloping, graphics, Thuir

Graphic design internship in a communications agency at Garnements, Thuir

Planches de recherches

DNMADE Design Diploma.

France, 2021

Refonte Site web

EI opening.

Perpignan, 2021

Member of Design Occitanie, 2023

Canigou vue de st cyprien

An area to raise awareness about design.

Eastern Pyrenees, FR

Graphisme, pictogrammes, plans et schémas

An opening to the markets of tomorrow.

Local x International

Available for internships and training. For a multidisciplinary future.

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