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Art, the poetry of oneself

An exchange between oneself and creation.
Long hidden in the shadows, I wish to blossom in the light. I am only a mirage, my reflection, the echo of myself carried by the wind of truth, which I only distinguish by the consequence of my actions. Finally, in the shadow of my person, can I see myself as I am. As I feel.

1. If I were a tree, my life path would always be uncertain, I would only grow where in my sense I am passionate.

2. I may only be a young sprout, but I am a human being.

3. If happiness came by itself, I would only be born once.

4. I remain suspicious that my heart always dictates my path.

5. What if life was just me.

Walnut shell technique on paper | Various brushes, one per work | Shadows and lights

From February 19, 2024

Online exhibition

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Commentaires (2)
Feb 27, 2023

Super taff !


Feb 27, 2023

Me gusta mucho su trabajo muy artistico y elegante .

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