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Be part of the brand

Being a customer means being part of the brand, which is why Katialogue takes care to offer you discount vouchers on your purchases, gifts during the year and points to be earned from your first order. Don’t miss the opportunity to pleasure yourself, simply log in to your customer area.

  1. Build loyalty

    • Create your customer account by clicking on “I make part”. Take a look at the online store and collect points with your orders! Collect them to benefit from your discount vouchers by copying the code name.

  2. Earn Points

    • x Shopping

      Get 3 points

    • Be part of the brand

      Get 7 points

  3. My Vouchers

    • VIVE10%

      33 Points = 10% off orders over 50 €

    • MEJOR30%

      69 Points = 30% off orders over 100 €

    • BEST50%

      200 Points = 50% off orders over 200 €

    • LUCKY5€

      10 Points = 5 € discount

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